Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Quick Review of Warcraft Formula

I came across a new product just a couple days ago at WarcraftFormula.com that is actually a bit different from all the other WoW guides out there right now. It’s not a guide for anything in particular – so it’s not only for leveling, gold making, PvP, or anything else. However, I think it may still end up being a fairly useful resource 
for most of you out there who are looking to improve upon those very areas. 

The site is run by Brad Johnson and T Dub Sanders, two guide writers you might have heard of. Brad put together Warcraft Millionaire and a profession guide under the same title. T Dub did the PvP Bible – probably the best PvP guide on the market right now – and WotLK Secrets. They decided to come together on this one, using the “both of best worlds” angle to sell the product. It actually seems to have worked as the Warcraft Formula product is pretty decent from both angles.

Here’s the premise – you start out by paying $17. That initial payment gets you quite a bit. First, there’s a guide that is admittedly pretty useless for anyone that’s been around for a while – an Action Plan that guides players through setting up an account with their main, UI mods, alts, gear, guild signups, and end-game setups. It’s a great resource, but probably more so for casuals looking to get deeper into the game. Along with this though you get a monthly eBook that Brad and T Dub put out that contains about 30 pages of content on everything that happened in the last month in the game. In January for example, the guide talked about the upcoming 3.0.8 patch, gold making strategies at 2 months, and Death Knight nerfs and buffs. You get the current guide and all existing guides when you signup and then with a $17 monthly fee you get each guide monthly.

Coming from two consummate pros and produced to provide a wide variety of different bits of content each month covering everything from gold making and raiding to PvP (there’s a monthly PvP feature), the guide is pretty solid content and the price is definitely reasonable. If you’re looking for more up to date, pointed strategies each month, this is a good place to start.

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Speed Leveling World of Warcraft Leveling Guide

When most people think of speed leveling and what a World of Warcraft leveling guide is supposed to offer, they think of getting to the end of the game quicker and taking advantage of the options all that end-game content has to offer. But, what many people don’t realize is that a good World of Warcraft leveling guide can help them achieve riches and gold much faster as well.

There is a direct link between effective leveling and gold making. First off, a good World of Warcraft leveling guide will also guide you to your profession trainers and ways to make gold while not slowing your leveling such as skinning and limited item vendors. This ensures that you always have enough gold for things you need like your mount and new armor at Level 40 or epic mount at Level 60. If your World of Warcraft leveling guide does not showcase how to ensure you have enough gold (because after all, you’re not supposed to need to stop and grind with one), it isn’t doing everything It could.

One major thing you will notice is that the end-game gold in WoW is heads and shoulders above just about any other opportunities in the game when it comes to gold farming. There just isn’t anything that compares to Netherbloom, Khorium, and mote farming. However, to access these resources you need to reach Level 70 as fast as possible and the only real way to do that is to have a World of Warcraft leveling guide on hand that knows the value of getting there faster to make more gold.
Ultimately, if you are seeking a route to level 70 for the sake of making more gold, you will not be disappointed with what a World of Warcraft leveling guide has to offer. Speed leveling is a guaranteed path to making more gold and ultimately reaching more content in the game. The only more effective methods you will find usually involve long hours spent in the auction house constantly buying and selling. While this may be fun for a lot of people, you probably want to see the world built by Blizzard and make gold the good old fashioned way. A good World of Warcraft leveling guide and maybe a good gold guide will go a long way in helping you do just that.

Gold Farming World of warcraft gold guide

Have you ever used a true, well written World of Warcraft gold guide? Chances are, if you are reading this article, you have not because if so, you wouldn’t need new resources to help you get rich. An effective World of Warcraft gold guide is a tool that every WoW player should have in their arsenal – a necessary digital companion that will help you realize your goals of making as much as 100 or even 200 gold an hour on average. In case you are not fully convinced you need a good World of Warcraft gold guide though, here are a few of the best reasons:
  1. Multiple Paths to Riches – Instead of relying on a single method over time that may get nerfed or over farmed by other players, a World of Warcraft gold guide makes sure you have dozens of different gold making methods to choose from that may equally provide the same incredible results. Always having backups to your primary methods if server populations are high or if an item is nerfed is a must for any gold farmer.
  2. Learn to Think Abstractly - World of Warcraft gold guides do a lot to help you think more abstractly as a gold farmer. Instead of thinking just about how to utilize the same basic concepts and ideas that you have long used, a World of Warcraft gold guide will force you to combine multiple methods into a well thought out path to riches.
  3. Build a Fortune Early – With a World of Warcraft gold guide the focus won’t be solely on end-game gold making. You will have the resources on hand if you choose to use them to build your gold stash from scratch as early as Level 1. Only a World of Warcraft gold guide can help you pull this off.
  4. Find New Content Faster – You may want to get to the end game content that only flying mounts and well geared players dare enter, but you need a good World of Warcraft gold guide and gold making strategy to get there. Earn more gold and reach for the game’s best, hardest to access content as early as possible.
  5. Farming Doesn’t Have to be Boring – Farming can be downright dull. Mix it up with a World of Warcraft gold guide and the dozens of different gold making methods that will now be at your disposal with one on hand. Make sure to spend a little extra time reading through every step and you can guarantee you never get bored out of your mind while playing your favorite game again.
When you take all five of these things into consideration, it is no wonder that World of Warcraft gold guides are among the best selling online gaming guides of all time and why there are so many of them out there and how you can take advantage of the best of the best.